Proposal to add some Western Astrology Symbols to the UCS

From: David Faulks (
Date: Wed May 03 2006 - 11:24:04 CST

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    To whomever might be interested:

    For the past few months, I've been occasionally
    working on a proposal for the addition of some Western
    Astrology symbols to Unicode (some of you might recall
    an earlier posting I made on this subject).

    I've decided to go ahead with a submission including
    ten symbols that I feel I've good enough print samples
    for. I already have received some feedback on my draft
    proposal, and I've revised it, but since I'm somewhat
    nervous about this, I've decided to put my 2nd draft
    up on the web, and solicit further feedback.

    See Here:

    I would appreciate any comments, before I decide to
    submit the proposal for real.

    Thank You,
    David Faulks

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