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Date: Thu May 04 2006 - 10:52:45 CST

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    CLDR does not supply the algorithms for calendars, simply the data
    needed to format/parse dates and times using that calendar. Thus the
    definition of an additional calendar involves:

    - defining a new keyword (name) for that calendar, with a brief textual
    description -- just enough to distinguish it from others and references.
    That gets added to the spec and to
    (Best if there are references to a widely available source such as
    Calendrical Calculations.)

    - if there are named eras, supplying the "root" names

    For an example, search in both of those xml files for "japanese".

    A proposal should be filed as a bug at

    Balasankar wrote:
    > For the inclusion of a locale calender in the CLDR , do I need to
    > specify any relationship with the Gregorian calender which is the
    > default one.

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