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From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 19:50:08 CST

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    Peter Edberg wrote:
    > # NOTE: The graphic image associated with the Apple logo character
    > # is not authorized for use without permission of Apple, and
    > # unauthorized use might constitute trademark infringement.
    Indeed. To sum up:

    In fonts made by Apple Computer, the Apple logo shape is placed on a
    glyph named "apple" which is encoded as U+F8FF in the Unicode cmap (0.3
    and 3.1) and as 240 in the Mac Roman cmap (1.0). U+F8FF is a PUA
    codepoint so it can be used to represent any character that is not
    included in the Unicode Standard. The graphic representation of the
    Apple logo is trademarked so a font developer cannot place the Apple
    logo shape onto any glyph in his own font without permission from the
    company. The glyph name "apple" that is used by Apple in their own fonts
    also includes a word trademark so it is better to avoid it.

    A font developer, however, is free to assign any character to the PUA
    codepoint U+F8FF. For such character, the glyphname "uniF8FF" would make
    sense. The shape of the character may be anything -- it can be a
    stylized apple that does not look like the Apple logo, it can be the
    logo of the font vendor, it can be any other shape.

    In general, the font vendor can assign the "uniF8FF" glyph to the PUA
    codepoint U+F8FF in the Unicode cmaps 0.3 and 3.1, and to the code 240
    in the Mac Roman cmap 1.0. However, if the font vendor creates a font
    commissioned for or licensed by Microsoft, then the uniF8FF glyph may
    not be mapped to the code 240 in the Mac Roman cmap. Instead, the code
    240 in the cmap 1.0 must be mapped to the missing glyph (.notdef). In
    either case, any font can always map the "uniF8FF" glyph (or any other
    glyph, for that matter) to the PUA codepoint U+F8FF.


    Adam Twardoch

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