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Date: Thu May 11 2006 - 06:15:26 CDT

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    Balasankar <> wrote:
    > 1. Is there any specific format for changing the existing exemplar characterset of
    > a language (Malayalam 'ml')
    > 2. The unicode chart for malayalam contains certain reserved spaces. Should i
    > specify these reserved spaces while specifying the exemplar character set for
    > malayalam ?

    NO! Unallocated codepoints are by definition not assigned to any character used in Malayalam. They can't be examplar. (They may be used later for encoding things like fractions or symbols, and thus will not be part of the examplar set.

    There's not even the guarantee that these positions will be allocated to characters used in Malayalam (they may be filled by some other scripts more or less unified with Malayalam, and used for languages that are NOT Malayalam. (the CLDR does not contain data about scripts, but about locales, and the "ml" code designates the Malayalam "language", not the Malayalam "script"!)

    Unallocated codepoints are "reserved", and must not be used in documents, not even in the CLDR.

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