Re: Mysteries in the BMP Roadmap

From: SADAHIRO Tomoyuki (
Date: Fri May 12 2006 - 23:33:37 CDT

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    > Fourth, what else is a reasonable candidate for filling the
    > gap at the end of the Hangul Syllables block: U+D7A4..U+D7FF?
    > That range is essentially dead air on the BMP unless used for
    > these jamos. There are also 16 code points available in the
    > U+1100 block itself. That probably won't be enough, however -- hence
    > the roadmapping of some columns at A4C0..A4FF. We'll see what
    > is actually needed if and when a real proposal shows up from
    > Korea.

    There is a list of old hangul jamos (though I'm not sure that is what
    they intend): Appendix B: Standard composition for Old Hangul Jamos in

    There are 120 combined jamos which are not represented by a single
    jamo letter but by a sequence of 2 or 3 jamo letters.

                    L V T total
     single Jamo 91 67 82 240 (including fillers)
     Jamo sequence 33 28 59 120

    I'm engaging in speculation that they would intend to change the
    conjoining jamo behavior. (Currently a syllable consists of <L+V+T*>,
    but if all jamos could be represented by a single jamo letter,
    a syllable would consist of <LVT?>.) Oh, that is only my guesswork...

    SADAHIRO Tomoyuki

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