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From: Keutgen, Walter (
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 12:13:25 CDT

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    the key general technical argument is from Donald's answer:

    >but the common thread is that anyone who ignores Unicode
    >limits their participation in the evolving internet and computing more

    For your internal debate:

    Quoting again Donald

    >It would be really interesting to know more about the thinking behind IT's

    I add

    * You should argue with the reason why you chose Unicode for your database.
    * You should also argue which are the disadvantages if the server stays in the actual code set.
    * Your experience with your database versus their objections.
    * As soon as you have text data requiring two different encodings, Unicode is the only solution,
      encoding tagging is not an option, think only about a search or SQL-query.
    * Take away their fears: Unicode allows for a progressive implementation:
          * basic ASCII code bytes are a subset of UTF-8
          * the implementation may be restricted to a subset of the Unicode character repertoire,
            once the subset needs to grow, they need only to add functionalities, not to undo anything.

    Best regards

    Walter Keutgen
    Unisys Belgium nv-sa

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