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From: Cristian Secară (
Date: Sun May 28 2006 - 17:00:57 CDT

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    On Sun, 28 May 2006 20:55:04 +0100, Richard Wordingham wrote:

    > This sounds like an application for SCSU! The Romanian performance
    > will take a slight hit from the distinction of comma below and
    > cedilla in the Unicode glyph standard, [...]

    What has this to do with the discussion here ?
    I am discussing the GSM character set here. This happen to have a few
    Western Latin characters in it.
    For example, a message written with some accented characters for French
    language (like à, è or similar) will always fall in the GSM character
    set, so the message will consists only of 7-bit per character / 160
    characters per message
    When I am entering something particular for Romanian (î for example,
    that is U+00EE), the whole message will turn to 16-bit per character /
    70 characters per message, even if the remaining 99% of my message has
    only pure ASCII characters. The use of UTF-8 have been of great sense
    here, but for some reason this option has been left out.

    > What's happened to the old telegraphic standard for Romanian? I
    > understand that used 'tz' for t with comma below.

    If with „the old telegraphic standard” you mean ISO/IEC 6937, then this
    has been withdrawn from the Romanian perspective.
    Back in 2004 our national standards association (ASRO) has sent a
    request at ISO, basically asking for an addition to ISO/IEC 6937
    (Unicode 201E). Their response was this
    RESOLUTION M45.21 (Request for revision to ISO/IEC 6937 from Romania):

    With reference to the Romanian proposal to revise ISO/IEC 6937 in
    document N2783, WG2 recommends to SC2 not to entertain this request for
    the following reasons:
    - 6937 is not in wide use
    - ITU Telematics recommendations which used 6937 have been withdrawn
    - 6937 should be considered as one of the stabilized standards
    encouraging the use of ISO/IEC 10646 as the strategic alternative.

    To resolve the problem identified by Romania, instead of requesting a
    revision to ISO/IEC 6937, SC2 is requested to communicate to Romania,
    that they consider removing the reference to ISO/IEC 6937 from their
    national standard.
    So, for us, ISO/IEC 6937 no longer exists.


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