Re: UTF-7 - is it dead?

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2006 - 03:54:44 CDT

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    Different encodings have different uses. As you do not say your use,
    it is hard to guess.

    UTF-8 suffices for text-to-text communications on a new platform,
    such as UNIX, being an extension of ASCII, but UTF-32 might be better
    for internal use in a program in favor of alignment and speed
    properties. Other encodings, you may need to implement for legacy.

    On 2 Jun 2006, at 09:23, wrote:

    > Hi!
    > We migrate our systems to Unicode right now.
    > My impression is that we should implement only the UTF-8 and UTF-16
    > encodings, because of the rarly use of UTF-32 and UTF-7.
    > UTF-32 is for sure a waste of space. it only makes sense if you
    > really have texts out of Hieroglyphs. Therefore it makes no sense
    > for an Application with no historical or any other uncommon content.
    > Is UTF-7 really still in use at all? Java for example has only the
    > options UTF-8 and 16.
    > And for UTF-7 I found several opinions that BASE64 and
    > QuotePrintable is still to be used instead.
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