Re: Glyphs for German quotation marks

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 10:43:24 CDT

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    Andreas Prilop wrote:
    > U+2018 and U+201C are *rotational* images of U+2019 and U+201D.
    > U+201B and U+201F are *mirrored* images of U+2019 and U+201D.
    Says who? I know that the Germans like to standardize things, but there
    really are more typeface designs than just DIN. And there are more
    solutions to a question mark than the ones you're focusing on.

    > A few typefaces such as Courier New, Tahoma, Verdana have glyphs
    > in U+2018 and U+201C which really belong into U+201B and U+201F.
    No. These glyphs were designed specifically with readability issues in
    mind. They were optimized for small screen resolutions. If the quotation
    marks were designed in the way you are suggesting, U+201C and U+201D
    would be indistinguishable.

    > Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Tahoma, Verdana are still waiting for
    > correction.
    There is nothing to be corrected there. These typefaces have perfectly
    readable quotation marks optimized for small resolutions. You may not
    *like* their design but the fact that you don't *like* them does not
    constitute them *wrong*.

    Adam Twardoch

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