Re: Case folding

From: Mike (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 23:26:14 CDT

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    >> Some of the recent discussions have led me to
    >> question my implementation of upper/lowercasing
    >> and case folding. Currently I simply iterate
    >> through a string exchanging characters with
    >> their replacements. I don't first normalize
    >> to any form, or do any reordering of combining
    >> marks afterward.
    >> My question is, should I be doing these things?
    > To answer this question, ask yourself what would happen if you
    > uppercased the string "Straße" this way.

    I think I would get the right answer, "STRASSE" (if
    that is the "sharp S" I have learned about a few weeks
    back). I didn't mean I only did single character
    replacement, I meant I didn't first normalize the
    string before or after replacing the characters.


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