Re: Glyphs for German quotation marks

From: Henrik Theiling (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2006 - 07:53:50 CDT

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    Before this creates a flame war, let me assume we all understand the
    problem now -- several links have been posted.

    If neither the fonts nor Unicode is wrong, then what is the solution
    to the problem? I'd like to know the way to fix it. I've only read
    destructive comments so far, but no constructive explanation of what I
    should do, e.g. when typing German in Unicode with Verdana.

    Since Unicode encodes characters, not glyphs, it is not the correct
    behaviour to use different codes dependent on font.

    But then, unfortunately, two characters that are not equivalent
    semantically have been unified into U+201C (at least that's my
    interpretation, since as I see it, they have been unified according to
    their glyph shape in Roman), which is now used for both German and
    English, but for different purposes (see the CLDR data to check that
    this is really the way we're going to encode our quotes).

    So do we need German fonts to get it right? Or what is the solution
    for Germans wanting to type their language e.g. in Verdana?


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