RE: Yahoo groups support for Unicode

From: Shariqul Islam Azad - Omi (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 09:52:55 CDT

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    N. Ganesan wrote:
    >Yahoogroups' messages now appear more like Googlegroups.
    >For example, all the messages under one heading are listed
    >under one thread and so on. Still yahoogroups do not support

    I didn't get you. By default Yahoo doesn't let you use UTF-8 encoding. So if
    I send you or a mil to yahoo groups, written in Indic language, you have to
    change the encoding of your browser to UTF-8 manually. Also if you use Yahoo
    Mail as your mail editor, I have to change character encoding to UTF-8 to
    read your texts.

    >and esp. Indic scripts cannot be written without
    >Unicode in yahoogroups.

    What else option we have than Unicode?

    >So, we users of Indic scripts such as Tamil, Devanagari, Malayalam, ....
    >in elists need to write to Yahoo people in charge of Tahoogroups
    >research team, seeking support for Unicode. In Yahoogroups,
    >Unicode be made default for Indic scripts, and the number of Indic
    >characters before wrapping be doubled or tripled, and Indic
    >script words in unicode be searchable in their archives.

    Did you check Yahoo's new webmail (inspired by Google)? That supports UTF-8
    by default.

    >Thanks for info on e-mails, office phone numbers of
    >Yahoo representatives to Unicode,
    According to Yahoo! seems to
    be a member of UTC. I'm afraid there is anyone from Yahoo in this list.


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