Re: unicode Digest V6 #126

From: J Andrew Lipscomb (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 22:05:21 CDT

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    Le 16 Sivan 66 à 19:43, Ecartis a écrit :

    > As the two letters of each pair have the same size, combinations of
    > base letters and combining letters above are not appropriate.
    > If you had to propose these letters for Unicode, would you
    > a.) propose a "stacking joiner",
    > b.) or would you collect all pairs and propose them as individual
    > character each,
    > c.) or would you collect all the letters which occur below and propose
    > them as bottom stacking letters, and do the same for top stacking
    > letters,
    > d.) or has anybody a better idea?

    How about using the Ideographic Description Sequence mechanism?
    Seriously, a stacking joiner would certainly be the most flexible
    solution, but I'm not sure this isn't in the markup domain anyway.

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