Re: Ogonek vs. hook below (Re: Some questions about Latin diacritics)

From: Karl Pentzlin (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2006 - 06:09:16 CDT

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    Am Dienstag, 13. Juni 2006 um 12:01 schrieb Michael Everson:

    ME> At 10:53 +0200 2006-06-13, Karl Pentzlin wrote:
    >>In that document, the hook(s) in fact appear to be not connected to
    >>the base letter (see the attached enlarged "Zwei Haken.png"), thus
    >>being different from the ogonek proper.
    ME> Yes, I don't think it's an ogonek. Ogoneks always
    ME> are attached to the base character.

    I get convinced.
    Especially after finding more examples, like

    ME> To me, it looks like a subscripted
    ME> dotless i, and doubled in the second instance.

    It has that appearance, but as it is called "Haken" (hook) in German,
    ..." would be the appropriate name.

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