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Date: Wed Jun 14 2006 - 11:37:08 CDT

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    -On [20060614 18:16], Keutgen, Walter ( wrote:
    >Surnames with words beginning with a lower case letter would not have this
    >letter capitalized, except as 1st letter of the title being a sentence of its

    You are, I think, forgetting about the case where you have a Johan van
    Oostergem and a letter will address him as:

    Geachte heer Van Oostergem [...].

    The lower case start of the surname is in fact uppercased. Not sure if you
    meant that with title as well, if so, mea culpa.

    >Is it really the aim of Unicode to cover this all for the benefit of some
    >universal routine? I doubt.

    I doubt that too. My information was more informative I guess. ;)

    >If I remember well what I have heard from a now retired Dutch colleague and
    >read elsewhere, before the spelling reform of 1946-1947, the ligature "ij"
    >[ει] was a letter on its own, between "i" and "j" in the collation sequence.

    I can show you old 19th century dictionary files where the ij ligature
    (derived from ii) was in the place in the collation sequence where nowadays y
    is situated (u v w x y z).

    >The ligatures exist in UNICODE, U+0132 (IJ) and U+0133 (ij). Like the French
    >"Œ" and "œ", they were not present in the typewriter. The decision was taken
    >to write henceforth "ij" and "IJ". The "IJ" instead of "Ij" in title case
    >could be the result of a victory of traditionalists (like the ending "isch"
    >instead of "is").

    Some philologist would need to verify this, but it might also have to do with
    the double i which lies at the origin of ij.

    But I wonder how much of that is relevant to this discussion. I do love to
    hear of answers though. ;)

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