Re: Mnemonics for LAO LETTER HO TAM

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2006 - 20:33:28 CDT

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    > On perusing the draft 5.0 code charts, I noticed that the mnemonics from
    > L2/05-357 for U+0EAE LAO LETTER HO TAM have not been included. There are
    > two alternative mnemonics: 'ho hya' (corresponding to Thai 'ro rua') and 'ho
    > hyan'. Were they deliberately not included, or have they been accidentally
    > omitted because ho tam is the last in the main list of consonants?

    Apparently an accidental omission. If you read further
    down L2/05-357, to Section 4.3 under Suggested Annotations
    and Aliases, you can see that they were omitted in *that*
    list, which was the one used to update NamesList.txt for
    Unicode 5.0. Easily enough fixed.


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