Re: are Unicode codes somehow specified in official national linguistic literature ? (worldwide)

From: Erkki Kolehmainen (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2006 - 03:12:31 CDT

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    The members of ISO are not necessarily governments, in fact in most
    countries that I'm familiar with this is not the case. There is only one
    ISO (or IEC or the European CEN or CENELEC) member per country, though,
    unlike e.g. ETSI.

    E.g., in Finland SFS is The Finnish Standards Association with 30
    organizational members, over half of which are not government related.
    In Sweden SIS has over 1000 members, and in the UK BSI has a very large
    membership, etc.

    Erkki I. Kolehmainen

    Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > The main problem with ISO is that its members are governments only, and they often support only the official languages. So it would not cover lots of languages. Anyway, the official languages should be covered in the CLDR using the rules supported by governements. So the ISO working group would work only on their official languages, and a "rapporteur" could make the link with the independant Unicode supported group which would include other cultural institutions working on non official and regional languages.

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