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From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 18:58:18 CDT

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    there are onlu the standard references like perlunicode.pod,
    perluniintro.pod, and perlunitut.pod

    What you need to know, often depends on what languages or mix of
    languages you are working with on one hand, and on the other what perl
    modules you are using (esp. when dealing with modules that have a
    tendicy to strip the utf-8 flag off strings). We'd sometimes find that
    some modules would always treat soem langauges as being encoded in
    utf-8 and other languages would always be treated as being in an 8-bit
    encoding even though all data was utf-8 encoded. But then we were
    throwing 60-70 languages at the scripts and using many different
    writing scripts. It became necessary to track which languages were in
    use at anytime so we could tune the output (ie force utf-8 output) in
    those cases it was required.


    On 25/06/06, Tommy Nordgren <> wrote:
    > Any good references on using perl with Unicode?
    > I want to locate a good reference text on reading and writing Unicode
    > with the Perl scripting language.
    > Neither 'Programming Perl' , 'Perl Cookbook' nor 'Unicode - a Primer'
    > provides info on Perl 5.8.x
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