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Date: Mon Jul 24 2006 - 06:45:03 CDT

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    > The good question is then about which URL his users will remember
    > more easily, and which one he wants to advertize and make available
    > in his server configuration. If he wants to target Japanese users,
    > they are used to see "jp" in domain names, so it seems logical to
    > use "" (or if available, or another
    > localized domain name in ".jp"), as many users will expect "jp" and
    > not "ja" in URLs. country codes are much more wellknown than
    > language codes.

    Nevertheless, Wikipedia uses language codes because there is no
    agreement on wether could be named with
    country codes ( ? ? ?)

    The japanese example is not a good one because the japanese language
    is used almost only in Japan. Most languages are less tied to a
    country (think of chinese, spanish, arabic...)

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