Re: Proposal to encode an EXTERNAL LINK symbol in the BMP

From: Curtis Clark (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2006 - 22:07:52 CDT

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    On 2006-07-24 17:38, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > I do think that "external" here means a website for which the current
    > page author cannot endorse its validity as it is managed by a third
    > party; This icon or symbol acts as a way for the users to see that
    > the referenced pages or files have not been reviewed completely and
    > won't be checked.

    But I would use it in a different sense, to mean a page outside the
    current site navigation.

    Is it Mars the god, Mars the physical planet, Mars the astrological
    planet, or just a man? Fortunately, it's not the business of Unicode to

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