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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 06:44:54 CDT

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    From: "Andrew West" <>
    > On 26/07/06, Philippe Verdy <> wrote a message of
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    > Please stop spamming us with your worthless drivel !

    Was i impolite? Did I spam someone? Did I cite you?

    I gave an important information to someone that assumed that French language is required in all parts of the products sold in France, and this is wrong. As long as the product comes with a usage notice in French, no translation of the user interface is required. (So softwares without a translated UI are legal, as long as the basic operations are described in French, and there's a clear way to get some support for it in that language for a limited time; On the opposite, contracts or invoices created in France must be available in French and this French language has legal tender, unless theminimum contract in French says that all parties agree to follow the rules described elsewhere in another language and that they both understand this language; without such minimum requirement, courts can easily demonstrate that the agreement to use a foreign language was inexistent because its consequences were not understood).

    Also, products that are sold under a generic description without any required usage specific to the product itself do not need to be translated (Musical CDs or books are examples, and it's legal to sell any cultural products in foreign languages, without such notice: an english book does not need to explain in French how to read it); the product category underwhich the product is sold may be enough descriptive by itself about how to use it, as well as international certification or security labels present on the product and approved in France which may fix the condition of use.

    And the language requirement is only for products sold to non-professional individuals, it does not apply to products sold to organizations (but public administrations often add this language requirement in their conditions), which are supposed to understand all the terms of any contract they sign.

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