New Characters in Unicode 4.0 (-:

From: David Starner (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2006 - 00:24:55 CDT

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    On the forums for Project Gutenberg's Distributed Proofreaders
    (, there was an exchange that went something like

    >> I see our opinions differ on the "LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH BLOB";
    at 200% zoom it does look like it could be , so I'll defer to your
    wisdom here.

    > Oh, is that its official Unicode name? I couldn't find it. I made the blob a tilde only because I use them instead of macrons in this situation (fewer brackets for PP to deal with later). It's definitely some kind of abbreviation-squiggle, where the complete utterance would be "Anno domini".

    Yep, I was surprised to see that in the 4.0 revisions to Unicode, but
    there you go. They also added a range of combining blobs and
    flyspecks, "INDETERMINATE LONG S OR F", and my personal favorite,
    "GREEK SMALL LETTER SMEGMA". My terminal won't display that last one,
    but I understand it's somewhere in between an "OU" ligature and that
    lovely "omega with squiggly iota underneath." All of those should
    come in handy around here whenever we make the move to Unicode!

    I have to admit, while it caught me a bit askew, I did have to check
    the Unicode website anyway just to make sure it was a joke.

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