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Date: Mon Aug 28 2006 - 13:40:36 CDT

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    > Indeed, ARABIC LETTER HEH (U+0647) is a letter with 4 glyph forms.
    > In Kurdish (written in the Sorani, essential arabic, alphabet)
    > one has two letters (let me call them Kurdish H and Kurdish E)
    > and these 4 glyph forms become the two forms of Kurdish H
    > and the two forms of Kurdish E.
    > Initial and medial Heh are forms of Kurdish H, final and
    > independent Heh are forms of Kurdish E.
    > Kurdish E never joins to the following letter, so needs only two forms.
    > Initial, final and independent Kurdish H are all written with initial Heh.

    The obvious solution would be to use U+06D5 for the Kurdish ə, which performs the same
    function in the orthography of e.g. Uighur.

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