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Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 11:20:47 CDT

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    > Subject: Re: Unicode FAQ pages updated
    > I suspect they have mostly grasped the concepts of "similar" and "same".
    > Either they are similar enough that it makes sense to encode them as the
    > same character or they aren't. In the first case it's a good thing to
    > have this FAQ for people who noting the similarity between the encoding
    > of the two scripts expect to find U+09E4 in use in this way. In the
    > second case it's a good thing that U+09E4 is reserved so that if
    > somebody makes a good case for U+09E4 being so used it won't be taken up
    > with some other character.

    Hello Hanna,
    Here Similar and Same means something like Smile and Smirk. :)

    I think you are not a member of Indic list. I don't know how many times I have to play the same records. I already provided much images to Mr. Naga and Mr. Michael, which can prove that Bangla Daari has no relation with Devnagari Danda by any mean.

    I think they have that in their archive and they'll come to help me. Right now I'm not at my home so I cannot supply them to you. May be they can put some light in this issue.

    God knows what will happen to this issue.

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