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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2006 - 10:30:10 CDT

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    From: "Andries Brouwer" <>
    > So, I am a bit unhappy with the Urdu line
    > on your picture. Now you point me to
    > Unfortunately, that link is meaningless to me. It is not a picture
    > but a HTML file, and hence does not show any particular shapes that
    > the author wanted to show, but the shapes that happen to be present
    > on the installed fonts on my computer. I see six identical lines there.

    This is not a demonstration of how Urdu behaves, but how the named fonts behave.
    I won't comment the "Default" line which depends on user's preference about fonts.

    The HTML file is demonstrative only when rendered on a system that has the named fonts, because the 4 positions (isolated, initial, medial, final) are shown for each U+0647 and U+06BE styled with these named fonts.

    If you don't have these fonts, it's normal that you see all these lines identically.

    For me, it looks like:
    * U+0647 has 4 shapes on all of the 5 named fonts, but
    * U+06BE is rendered incorrectly with "Times New Roman" and "Arial" (3 shapes, effectively the final form should not be distinct from the medial form, although the isolated form correctly takes the shape of the initial form) and with "Arial Unicode MS" (1 shape: only the initial form); it is correct only for "Microsoft Sans Serif" and "Tahoma" (2 shapes: the initial form also used for the isolated case, and the medial form also used for the final case).

    (however in the Tahoma font, the middle shape of U+0647 and the middle and final shape of U+06BE does not show the two eyes, only a strange oblique curve of the joining line below the baseline and a single eye above it; this looks like a stylistic simplified variant but not a problem as it correctly joins on both sides)

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