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Date: Mon Sep 11 2006 - 07:38:09 CDT

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    No blogs in Hindi??? You're kidding, right? :-)

    If you search on the name of the language, in the script for that language, you can find many blogs for that language/script.

    So, for example, for Hindi:

    That's equivalent to going here:

    And typing this in the search window:

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    > Doug, I tried your suggestions even 2 days ago. But in vain.

    Based on a quick look at the "Advanced Blog Search" page, it's possible
    that none exist in these languages. You may want to check with Google.

    > and how to find out blogs in Devanagari script?

    Again, your best bet may be to contact Google directly. That said, none
    of their other blogs appear to be organized by script instead of
    language and I'm not sure why Devanagari would be any different.

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