Unicode Version 5.0 Pre-orders Now Accepted

From: Rick McGowan (rick@unicode.org)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2006 - 13:05:22 CDT

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    Unicode Version 5.0 Pre-orders Now Accepted

    Mountain View, CA, September 18, 2006 -- The Unicode(R) Consortium
    announces that pre-orders of Version 5.0 of the Unicode Standard can be
    made now through the Unicode Consortium's website. As a special
    introductory offer, The Unicode Guide -- the handy tri-fold developer's
    reference guide -- will be included with the Version 5.0 book at a combined
    price of $40.00 for both. This offer will expire on October 15, 2006.

    Published in a lighter, smaller size, Version 5.0 also includes for the
    first time the Unicode Standard Annexes, which specify key processes for
    ensuring reliable text interchange between programs and on the web.

    Based on fifteen years of experience, this new version is a major update
    which supersedes and obsoletes all previous versions of the standard. It
    has hundreds of pages of new material and hundreds more of revised
    material, including significant revisions to text, figures, tables,
    definitions, and conformance clauses -- improving clarity and providing
    practical guidance. "Hardcopy versions of the Unicode Standard have been
    among the most crucial and most-heavily used reference books in my personal
    library for year," said Donald E. Knuth, Professor Emeritus of The Art of
    Computer Programming, Stanford University. "Unicode allows me to celebrate
    the fact that computer science is a vast worldwide collaboration." For more
    acclaim from industry notables, see

    Unicode Version 5.0 has become the basis for Microsoft's Vista generation
    of operating systems, and is included in upgrade plans for Google, Yahoo!,
    and ICU, to name but a few. This comprehensive and official Unicode
    reference manual is the one book all developers using Unicode must have.
    See the Unicode Consortium's website at
    http://www.unicode.org/book/aboutbook.html for all the details.
    The latest features of Unicode Version 5.0 will be showcased at the 30th
    Internationalization and Unicode Conference
    (http://www.unicodeconference.org/) from November 17-19, 2006 in
    Washington, D.C.

    About The Unicode Consortium

    The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization founded to develop,
    extend and promote use of the Unicode Standard and related globalization

    The membership of the consortium represents a broad spectrum of
    corporations and organizations in the computer and information processing
    industry. Members are: Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, Basis Technology,
    Denic e.G., Google, Government of India, Government of Pakistan, HP, IBM,
    Justsystems, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, UC Berkeley,
    Yahoo! and over a hundred Associate, Liaison, and Individual members.

    For more information, please contact the Unicode Consortium

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