Re: Unicode & space in programming & l10n

From: Steve Summit (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2006 - 21:03:51 CDT

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    Mark Davis wrote:
    > I strongly suspect that all of that would give only minor advantages
    > over general-purpose algorithms like ZIP.

    I have to agree. A lesson which I think has been amply shown is
    that the general-purpose compression algorithms are very good.
    They can, in fact, "discover" most of the regularities in data
    which you might have hoped a special-purpose algorithm could more
    optimally exploit. (Discovering regularities is, after, all,
    exactly what a general-purpose compression algorithm *does*.)
    The engineering expense of designing, deploying, maintaining,
    and interoperating a special-purpose compression algorithm is,
    generally, not worth it.

    > But this is all academic -- I don't see anyone taking the time
    > and effort to investigate it in the absence of a compelling need.

    It would be pretty easy to do a small but convincing demonstration,
    I think -- I've half a mind to do it right now.

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