RE: Problem with SSI and BOM

From: Mark Cilia Vincenti (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 08:54:50 CST

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    Apparently there isn't. The webserver (IIS) allows you to specify which
    DLL to choose for the SSI include. IIS has its own DLL. Perhaps someone
    might have made his own DLL to solve this problem, but I can't find any
    information and was hoping to see if anyone encountered this problem and
    perhaps found a solution.

    Depending on the file being saved in UTF-8 format without BOM is very
    prone to human error in a work environment where a number of different
    people will be doing changes.

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    > i.e. a static HTML page has 3 SSI calls. One for the top template, one
    > for the side template and one for the bottom template. When the
    > files (which contain HTML code) are saved as UTF-8 with a BOM, then
    > BOM is being included, and right on top of the 3 templates an empty
    > is being inserted.

    Also: can't you update the SSI implementation on your server? isn't
    there a way in the SSI syntax to specify that the imported file must
    have its leading BOM discarded if present, by specifying that it is
    effectively UTF-8 encoded? Isn't there some SSI directives you could use
    before using SSI calls? Or some tuning site parameters for the SSI
    component of your webserver?

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