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Date: Fri Oct 13 2006 - 00:03:47 CST

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    The majority of the people of the earth cannot read Roman letters.

    A vaster majority speak no foreign language.


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    > Guy Steele's story about the delivery to mad magazine reminds me
    > of an experience I had in China twenty years ago. The postal delivery
    > people at the university could not read foreign languages or even
    > roman letters, so whenever they got a letter addressed in something
    > other than Chinese, they would just bring it to the
    > foreigners' dormitory.
    > This was not effective since some of the foreigners to whom the mail
    > was addressed lived elsewhere. Not long after I arrived for a two
    > week stay, the concierge, who could not read roman letters
    > and spoke no
    > foreign languages, approached me with a stack of mail and
    > asked me if I
    > knew where it should go.
    > Bill Poser

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