postal delivery efforts -> literacy

From: William J Poser (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2006 - 15:37:08 CST

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    "Jony Rosenne" <> wrote:
    >The majority of the people of the earth cannot read Roman letters.
    Possibly, but I've never seen any real statistics on this.
    Do you know of any?

    >A vaster majority speak no foreign language.
    This is not so clear, and depends also on what one considers
    a "foreign" language. The ability to speak at least two languages
    has been, and still is, very common throughout the world and
    throughout history, and in literate societies, the ability
    to read and possibly write another language has been common.
    Bilingualism is common when a dominant language overlies
    local languages and in linguistically diverse small scale
    societies, such as (traditionally), here in northern
    British Columbia. It seems very likely that the majority
    of people who have ever lived have spoken more than one language.

    In any case, why is this relevant to the sometimes
    heroic and sometimes humorous efforts that postal
    services go to to achieve delivery?

    Bill Poser

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