Test your web browser! Unicode 5.0 charts in HTML on French Wikipedia

From: Philippe Verdy (verdy_p@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Tue Oct 24 2006 - 09:06:13 CST

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    I designed since some months a large set of Unicode charts on French Wikipedia.
    It shows:

    * 1. An index of the 17 planes (complete).
    * 2. The roadmap to Unicode for each plane (complete) with an index to arbitrary sub-planes of 4096 code points in each plane, and of each Unicode block.
    * 3. Index pages for each 4096 code points sub-planes,
    ** showing the exact allocation map of Unicode blocks (in hexadecimal and decimal) (complete)
    ** charts for each allocated block with links to pages with their description (nearly complete except 6 blocks in the SMP, will be completed soon); note: large Unicode blocks with more than 4096 code points, that cover more than one sub-plane,
    * 4. Pages (nearly complete except 14 blocks in the SMP) for each Unicode block (there are multiple pages for large Unicode blocks of more than 4096 code points, one for each subplane), showing:
    ** a description of characters in the block,
    ** the chart itself (max: 4096 code points),
    ** cross-references to other charts to similar characters (in the same Unicode block, or with similar script property, or with similar general category for numbers, arrows, symbols, combining characters...),
    ** external references to the PDF version on the Unicode website (English, and French when available)

    Those pages (several hundreds of pages and several thousands of templates) are linked to pages describing the scripts more completely. They are navigatable by plane or sub-plane with a panel at the top of the page.

    Start from: http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode
    article name: [[Table des caractères Unicode]]

    You can use for example this page to test your browser and its settings (for fonts coverage), starting at the charts for the BMP:

    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%280000-FFFF%29
    (which shows the BMP roadmap),

    and its subpages, starting at:

    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%280000-0FFF%29
    (for charts from Basic Latin to Tibetan)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%281000-1FFF%29
    (for charts from Myanmarese to Extended Greek)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%282000-2FFF%29
    (for charts from General Punctuation to Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows, and from Glagolitic to Ideographic Description)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%283000-3FFF%29
    (for charts from CJC Punctuation to CJC compatibility, and the first part of CJC Ideographs-Supplement A)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%283000-3FFF%29
    (for charts from the last part of Ideographic CJC-Supplement A, Yi Jing Hexagrams, and the first part of Unified CJC Ideographs)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%28A000-AFFF%29
    (for charts from Yi Syllabary to 'Phags pa, and the first part of Hangul Syllables)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%28D000-DFFF%29
    (for charts from the last part of Hangul Syllables to Low Surrogates)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%28D000-DFFF%29
    (for charts of the last part of Private Use Area, and from CJC compatibility Ideographs to Specials)

    For the supplementary multilanguage plane:

    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%2810000-1FFFF%29
    (which shows the SMP roadmap),

    (I am finishing the missing 14 blocks for the SMP, so there are still "red links" for allocated blocks shown in white background.)

    And in the supplementary ideographic plane:

    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%2820000-20FFF%29
    (for charts of the first part of CJC Extension B)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%282A000-2AFFF%29
    (for charts of the last part of CJC Extension B)
    * http://fr.wikipedia.org/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_Unicode_%282F000-2FFFF%29
    (for charts of CJC Compatibility Supplements)

    There is still ongoing work to cleanup some description pages, but the available charts are complete for Unicode 5.0. (I'll review the roadmaps for future blocks).

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