Re: Java support for Unicode 5.0

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2006 - 17:25:02 CST

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    The method does not return information about whever the character itself is defined in Unicode, but whever its properties are supported in the internal database; this is the first step to see if the other functions returning character properties will return accurate results; when this Character method returns false, it just handles the character using default properties (and default properties are those described in Unicodeitself for unallocated codepoints).

    Java has always been updated assoon as possible with the latest standard version for its internalcharacter database. There's no need to wait for a major release, so the exact JRE version number is important! But may be the jre could be updated to support the addition of an external database shipped with Java applications (this would help the deployment of applications onto various JRE installations, because deploying the JRE is not as easy, due to local security requirement : think about deploying a Java application onto a always-on application server or RDBMS server with builtin Java like Oracle).

    Oracle forexample has a smart way to internally support updated Unicode character databases and support for other encodings and locales; this is not so easy with desktop Java.

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    From: "James Kass" <>
    > A question has arisen concerning java and the "Character.isDefined()"
    > function with respect to Unicode 5.0.
    > According to this page, as an example,
    > ...N'ko characters are returning "No", suggesting that all Unicode
    > 5.0 addenda aren't proper characters.
    > Is there an update method?

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