An Enabling Standards Layer Cake for L10N

From: Daniel Yacob (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2006 - 06:39:29 CST

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    I was considering a new version of the semantic web's "Enabling Standards
    Layer Cake" image recently and was impressed that the model is still being
    used and updated after 5 years while maintaining its appealing simplicity.

    At a glance the model lets you understand how the pieces of the semantic
    web work together, even if you do not understand the individual pieces
    themselves. So I thought a similar model might likewise help people
    understand how the facets of localization work together. An attempt:

    Fairly often I'll explain the benefits of Unicode to someone (a developer
    or layman) who is new to it and the first thing I'm asked is "How do I
    install it?" There is also the common confusion that installing a Unicode
    font at the same time gives you a keyboard for using the font -which of
    course requires very different skill sets to develop, have different system
    compatibilities and different production costs. When I try to clear up the
    separation of the two, and other things like encoding vs transliteration
    vs input methods, eyes tend to glaze over. So a clear visual aid could go
    a long way in helping new comers get a handle of the field and help manage
    expectations when getting involved.

    Any and all feedback is welcomed.



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