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From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2006 - 08:47:20 CST

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    > Frank da Cruz <fdc at columbia dot edu> wrote:
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    > > Sightly off topic but...
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    > > In IE7, try clicking on the "this table" link on that page.
    > >
    > > All those web developers who, through laborious and frustrating trial
    > > and error, were able to hit on a method for creating legitimate popups
    > > that worked in both IE6 and Firefox are in for a rude surprise.
    > Frank is pointing out that the code:
    > <a href="#" onclick=" ('charactertable.html',...)">
    > results in a new tab. It does "work" in IE7, it just doesn't work by
    > displaying a popup window with the specified size and properties.
    For me, it results in "Error on page" in the status line and no new tab.
    And no indication of what the error is, and no opportunity to display the
    page anyway. The only way for me to follow that link is to use another

    Maybe there is some non-default setting that would allow this link to work,
    but the point is that a lot of things that worked in IE6 and in other
    browsers don't work in IE7 and the vast majority of end users aren't up
    for digging around through browser configurations.

    I can see how a total ban on popups might be a part of some new overzealous
    security strategy, but the inability to locate fonts and glyphs that it
    could locate previously is not helpful to those of us who have been taking
    advantage of Unicode to internationalize our web pages.

    I have Windows XP SP2. Maybe IE7 works better on Vista.

    - Frank

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