regarding SQL Result Problem in Myanmar Text Database.

From: Ngwe Tun (
Date: Sun Nov 19 2006 - 09:45:07 CST

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    I found a problem while retrieving/searching/filtering Myanmar Unicode Text
    with a Select Statement in Microsoft Access 2003, MSSQL 2005, In a Myanmar
    Text table there in a column called HeadWords.

    It's Sample Data

    I want to make the following search:
    SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE HeadWords LIKE '%|က|%' this should give me all
    entries that have a "|က|" *ONLY ANY* place in the HeadWords column. Right?

    However, it gives me unproper results. you may see last two records have 2
    characters between pipe(|).

    Since the wildcard character % means no or all characters it should work.
    And I've tried pipe, comma, forward slash and back slash. But Result are
    still wrong going on.

    The problem only seems to occur when the wildcard character is used for the
    any part of character. Let me know alternative way to search that matters.

    It's any problem in searching support for National Characters (UTF8). I've
    tried in OpenOffice Database with those data.
    It's work fine. I tried in MySQL, Mimer, it's work fine too.

    If you not see Myanmar characters, please download fonts from

    Does anybody have an explanation to this, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

    Ngwe Tun

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