The "UDHR in Unicode" project reaches two milestones

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2006 - 02:39:43 CST

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    Yesterday, the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights In Unicode"
    project (<>) reached two milestones:

       * we now have 300 different translations in Unicode
       * we also have our first translation which is not present on the
         OHCHR site (Greek in polytonic orthography)

    In a number of cases, the conversion to Unicode also involved
    compensating for encoding corruptions which made the original versions
    nearly unreadable.

    There is still a significant amount of work to do. 31 known translations
    need to be converted to Unicode, 299 translations need to be proofread,
    and new translations are of course welcome. Even if you cannot help
    directly, you may know somebody who can: please point them to

    Many folks helped us getting there, and I want to thank them for their
    help. In no particular order: Yannis Haralambous, Aung, Craig Rublee,
    Arthur Reutenauer, Dirk Meyer, Patrick Andries, John Hudson, Kent
    Karlsson, Jonathan Kew, Erik van der Poel, Patrick Hall, Valaxay
    Dalaloy, Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Kumari Co Ltd., Chuluun Erdenebat,
    Ulziibat Batbaatar, Jun Sugawara, the Language Observatory, Andrew
    Cunningham, Andrew West, Sukhjinder Sidhu, Jyothis Edathoot, K.
    Kalyanasundaram, Jony Rosenne, Niti Hantaweepant, Ornnida Muneepeerakul,
    Rani Mahapatra, Simon Ager, Adobe Systems, the OHCHR.


    PS: one more translation (Brazilian Portuguese), also not on the OHCHR
    site was added today. Thanks to Leandro Reis and Naçôes Unidas no Brazil.

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