Re: Misuse of encoded characters

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2006 - 08:23:32 CST

On 29 Nov 2006, at 21:38, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

> And don't forget, we haven't gotten around to the exclomma
> and the quomma yet:

Though these look funny!, they might be useful once available?; I
find writing out punctuation marks in sequence look awful: Some like
colon as a continuation of a sentence:, but others want it to start a
new sentence.

As for copyrightable material: there is the copyright owner,
controlling the distribution, the copy owner, controlling the
ownership of individual copies, and the general public controlling
the information. Copyright law should properly seek to balance these
rights, though local legislation often is flawed. One can attempt to
bypass that via a mutual and freely entered contracts, but there are
not much precedences of that; computer licenses are often not freely
entered before the buy, so they are likely not valid because of that.

In particular, in particular, it is not possible to control common
usage of characters or fonts via copyright.

   Hans Aberg

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