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Date: Mon Dec 18 2006 - 21:35:52 CST

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    Hi Robert, Please allow me to make some comments to your points. I will initialise myself as LO ----- Original Message ---- From: Robert Kidd <> To: Sent: Monday, 18 December, 2006 11:37:57 PM Subject: Re: Unicode or specific language charset First of all, thank you Ken, Addison, and Doug for the helpful push toward Unicode. I have a question for you Ken (and others if you wish). You said: >Note that not having appropriate >fonts to display unusual languages with strange scripts is >a problem *whether or not* you encode the translated material >in Unicode. I assume you mean that this is a user/translator/browser issue which we can do nothing about and which I don't think will be a serious problem since the translators will presumably have the ability to read, write and view pages in their source language and target language and the users (potential clients browsing for a translator) will LO> Robert, as far as I understand these are human beings aren't they, I mean translators? LO> If I were you, I would actually deploy hardware as well. Personal experience has shown me LO> that "Back to Basics" works the best. By hardware, I actually mean operating system. 1) be able to read the pages in their own language and 2) if their computer is not set up to display the language then they most likely cannot read the language and therefore it makes not difference. I also assume that if the user's machine does not have the correct fonts they will receive a notification of this and be asked to install the font from the CD? LO> Yes, the fonts are an issue but what about the OS? Doesn't the OS play a major role in LO>character encoding. Of course, these are considered legacy but as far as I can see only Linux is LO>the OS that doesn't have legacy issue. Anybody, please correct me if I am wrong. I know this is overlapping into Web site development but I have yet to find a good forum for this discussion, until now of course. ;o) Thank you once again for all your help. LO> In my opinion, nothing to do with web site design. If you have a venture and arranged people to LO>help you on your venture, then take the privilage of arranging their laptops too. And ask them to LO>use it for business only. But as an employer please make sure you also provide a personal only LO>laptop as well. Robert Kidd, Director Any Document --> Any Time! Toll Free Can/USA: (1) 877-333-3321 ___________________________________________________________ To help you stay safe and secure online, we've developed the all new Yahoo! Security Centre.

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