From: Shohji Itoh (s_ito88@ybb.ne.jp)
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 11:37:33 CST

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    Now on newer Unihan.txt
     I can not find Morohasi Num of U+3401,
     but the U+3401 char were registed @00039 in the
     Morohasi Dict Vol.01 - 284p. (Ten( {- Tem )).
    So now I feel that
     the char in Ideographs Ext.A
     must be named on Sino-Japanese all,
     with some way.
    And want to get same way
     about Ext.B & Ext.C too.
    How you feel about them ..?
    Anyway, we must input about 70000 char._s
     in FEP to use the all char._s on our PC !
    s_ito88@ybb.ne.jp Shohji Itoh.

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