Re: Public Review Issue Update: #100, "Giving U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT the ID_Continue Property"

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2007 - 00:48:46 CST

On 1/11/2007 9:34 PM, Doug Ewell wrote:
> Philippe Verdy <verdy underscore p at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:
>> Isn't it notable that *most* Minnan documents we find are encoded
>> using U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT and not this combining character? This is
>> probably a legacy inherited from the frequent use of ISO 8859-*
>> charsets where MIDDLE DOT is present, not the combining dot above right.
> Maybe it's because U+0358 wasn't encoded until Unicode 4.1 in March
> 2005, and font support for it is still very, very scarce.
> Wikipedia is in a tough position here: they usually try hard to use
> the correct Unicode characters, but at some point they have to draw
> the line when font support for ordinary text is likely to be poor. If
> you can see the three instances of U+0358 in the text below (copied
> from Min Nan Wikipedia with the middle dots "fixed") without taking
> special steps, such as changing fonts or editors, you're ahead of me:
> "Kóng-gī lâi kóng, chū-jiân sī ú-tiū ê choân-pō͘, sī bu̍t-chit sè-kài ê
> it-chhè, pau-koah só͘-ū ê mi̍h kap lêng-goân. Chū-jiân ê tēng-gī tòe
> sî-tāi teh piàn, jī-chhiáⁿ chhiâng-chāi hō͘ lâng the̍h lâi hām kî-thaⁿ
> ê kài-liām sio pí-phēng, khó-pí kóng jîn-ûi, chhiau-chū-jiân."
Easy - they are at the three places that show the ?



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