writing Chinese dialects

From: William J Poser (wjposer@ldc.upenn.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 00:14:46 CST

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    In writing Cantonese the basic principle is that if the
    morpheme is cognate to its Mandarin counterpart it will
    be written with the same character but if it is not cognate
    a distinct character will be used. For example, the 1st
    person pronouns Cantonese ngo, Mandarin wo, and the 2nd
    person pronouns, Cantonese le, Mandarin ni, are cognate and
    are written with the same characters, but the third person
    pronouns, Cantonese keoi, mandarin ta, are not cognate
    so keoi is written with a "non-standard" character (U+4F62).

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