Re: Fraktur, ligatures, ZWJ and ZWNJ

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 16:53:46 CST

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    > I know of no existing Fraktur font using either of the two
    > mechanisms.

    Well, the fraktur fonts from Yannis Haralambous for TeX seem to be
    something into this direction. Here's an excerpt of the set of the
    character codes in the TeX input file mapped to the glyphs.

       c + h -> c_h
       c + k -> c_k
       f + f -> f_f
       s -> longs
       s + z -> longs_z
       s + : -> s,
       s + s -> longs_longs
       s + t -> longs_t
       s + f -> longs_f
       s + <SPC> -> s
       t + z -> t_z

    This logic is part of the font, BTW.

    A normal `s' is always mapped onto glyph `ſ'. Within a word the
    combination `s:' should be used to get `s', and due to the ligature
    with the space character, you always get `s' at the end of a word.[1]


    [1] TeX converts multiple spaces, linebreaks, and tabs into spaces.

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