RE: ZWJ, ZWNJ and VS in Latin and other Greek-derived scripts

From: Ruszlan Gaszanov (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 18:31:29 CST

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    Asmus Freytag wrote:

    +AD4- However, from that insight to the particular mechanisms of encoding that
    +AD4- you advance is a large step, and I don't follow you there.

    The point I'm trying to make is that rather then investigating every possible ligature in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Coptic, Gothic etc., trying to figure whether it is a mere stylistic variation or distinct character in each particular orthography variation, and then encoding them as recomposed characters in the latter case, we could just provide a standard mechanism of encoding any arbitrary ligature (like the standard mechanism we have for applying any arbitrary diacritics to any arbitrary letter).


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