Re: ZWJ, ZWNJ and VS in Latin and other Greek-derived scripts

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2007 - 13:44:34 CST

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    From: +ACI-Asmus Freytag+ACI-
    +AD4- I don't doubt that they exist, but these people are obviously not
    +AD4- publishing math papers.

    Isn't a standard made to make things more simple? Why shouldn't they beable to publish papers? That's of course a place where classical word processingtools can make efforts.

    Not all will use (La)TeX, they will use MS Word or Open Office, with their bult-in formula editor and with them they will produce PDF files, which are all what they need, most of the time, for publishing their papers.

    What this suggests is that word processing tools are still not convenient enough for technical papers. And it's up to software makers to make more efficient tools, using the technical details specified in Unicodeor elsewhere for correct editing and interoperable publishing.

    Most people don't care, and should not need to care about every Unicode standard details.

    That's where we need efforts in Unicode, in CSS, in rich-text and plain-text format conversion tools or filters. And of course, convenient humane interfaces adapted to the type of publishing work+ACE- (This also includes developing input methods.)

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