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Date: Mon Feb 05 2007 - 07:40:04 CST

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    Hans Aberg wrote:
    > Though Unicode has decided to recommend the right single
    > quotation mark U+2019 to double as punctuation apostrophe,
    > they are semantically different, and even though it may seem
    > clever with such doubling in a more narrow context, when the
    > context widens, some problems may ensue. Now, in the case of
    > this particular character, the problems may very great, but
    > it may still be annoying.
    > For example, parsing text becomes ambiguous, problematic for
    > computer programs. If correct parsing is needed for further
    > processing, there will be annoying failures, and if those
    > should be removed, one will have to set humans together with
    > some computer language extensions, removing those ambiguities
    > by hand, which might hev been eliminated in the first place.

    But how are you going to eliminate them "in the first place"? I see two
    choices: either automatically, or by hand. If it can be done
    automatically in the first place, then it could be done automatically
    during parsing. And I suspect the chances of getting document authors
    to do it right by hand are slim, particularly since the two characters
    would look identical on the screen (at least in a WYSIWYG editor; I
    suppose you could use a character entity in a non-WYSIWYG editor). And
    if people mess up, then the parsing problem is even worse, because the
    parser can't know which of the two characters it should be.

       Mike Maxwell
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