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Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 02:52:56 CST

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    I see a very stange way vista works with illegal THAI, keeps on collating
    the dependents one over another...

    On 2/16/07, Richard Wordingham <> wrote:
    > Philippe Verdy wrote on Thursday, February 15, 2007 10:28 PM
    > > Regarding the question of the validity of Thai sequences, the following
    > > specification of the Thai support in OpenType (here the HTML version
    > > available on Microsoft Typography website) is worth noting:
    > >
    > I don't know if those rules have been re-instated, but a tighter set was
    > in
    > use for Windows XP. They were so tight that you couldn't type Pali and
    > Sanskrit, which was a nuisance for etymologies in on-line Thai
    > dictionaries.
    > (The Thai Royal Institute's dictionary on-line resorted to using U+0E36
    > THAI
    > NIKHAHIT>, which actually isn't quite as bad as it seems. Outside
    > computing, it is legitimate to regard the former as being composed of the
    > latter pair.)
    > I'm pretty sure the corresponding Lao set at
    > has
    > been
    > relaxed. They prohibit having multiple tonemarks on the same consonant,
    > but
    > Tai Dam uses the tone mark U+00ECB MAI CATAWA on mid consonants to shift
    > from one set of tones to another. There's a list of problem sequences at
    > . Peter Constable of Microsoft is well aware of these problems and was
    > endeavouring to ensure there would be no such problems in Windows Vista.
    > I don't know whether Microsoft have dealt with the problem the old rules
    > imposed for Pali and Sanskrit in Lao. Of course, Pali and Sanskrit need
    > the
    > missing consonants to be restored for Lao. I don't know how standard the
    > improper use of the unassigned code points in the Lao block is - I have
    > had
    > some surprises looking at the Lao fonts that provide the unencoded
    > consonants. I had expected the encoding to be basically Thai + 0x80,
    > though
    > that can't work for Indic NYA and YA.
    > Richard.

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