Re: Subj: MySQL and Unicode support

From: Ed Trager (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 09:51:46 CST

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    With MySQL, as with other software, there are large differences
    between major versions. As Henrik correctly notes, MySQL 5x has good
    support for Unicode, charsets, sorting and collation.

    Many places might however still be using MySQL 4x. Before MySQL 5x
    was available, I wrote LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) applications
    (with MySQL 4.x) which used UTF-8 without any problem.

    MySQL 4.x and older PHP's lack of Unicode support did not "hinder" me
    at all --but at the same time you can say that it did not "help" me
    either. I just had to write *more* code than might be required today
    in order to support, for example, the kind of collation that I wanted
    to do.

    On 22 Feb 2007 16:03:24 +0100, Henrik Theiling <> wrote:
    > Philippe Verdy writes:
    > >...
    > > Note that sorting (SELECT... ORDER BY...) may be an issue if you expect the
    > > results from the database to be in the appropriate order; ...
    > Erm, MySQL has quite good support for sorting UTF-8 strings in results
    > of SELECT queries. I'm using that without problems. E.g. you can
    > assign a charset and a collation to each string in a record and
    > override that in the queries. It also supports conversions between
    > charsets (storing in UTF-8, displaying on a Latin-1 terminal (if
    > possible), etc.). I'd call that Unicode aware -- it goes much beyond
    > transparently storing 8-bit strings.

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