RE: Subj: MySQl and Unicode support

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 17:03:34 CST

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    Omi Azad wote:
    > I'm using MySQL for many sites and it is perfect for Indic language.

    I think that the effective question is not whever MySQL supports Unicode,
    but if it handles correctly characters out of the BMP, or if it supports
    character properties (collation and case mapping) only for the BMP
    (I don't have the answer for the lastest versions)

    The question really asks about extended Chinese support.

    Also I wonder if the 3-bytes limit is only related to the UTF-32 encoding,
    because valid code points don't have more than 21 bits, but I'm not sure
    that this affects UTF-8. I haven't tested it, and n fact I can't test it.

    Another good question, if he wants to support the Chinese market, is whever
    MySQL supports GB18030 in addition to Unicode, because this charset is
    required there for new products (but I'm not sure that this supports has to
    be included in the database, or if it can be supplied in the client program
    interfaces (in that case, you can convert between GB18030 used externally
    and Unicode internally in the database).

    For now, I have never had to experiment with extended Chinese with
    supplementary sinographs in plane 2...

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