missing CJK character?

From: William J Poser (wjposer@ldc.upenn.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2007 - 20:17:00 CST

I can't find the more complex variant of the Chinese
character for "10" used on financial and legal documents,
which can be seen at http://www.banknotes.com/KR13.JPG
in the upper left and right corners of the obverse of the
1953 South Korean 10 won banknote. It is a variant of
U+62FE, which is the financial/legal counterpart of the
ordinary U+5341. If it were encoded, it should be in the
unihan database with the property kAccountingNumber 10,
but the only such entry is for U+62FE. From this I conclude
that it has not been encoded. Can anyone shed any light on
this? Thanks.


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